10 Days Raw: Completed!

September 30, 2016

It feels really good to complete something.

I challenged myself to eat fully raw for 10 days and I completed it! (Check out why I decided to do this and what I have been eating if you haven’t already!)

I feel good. I’m not surprised about that. As I mentioned before, I was eating a lot of raw food throughout my day. I usually ate cooked meals for dinner. However, I did experience cravings and some interesting side effects.

Over these ten days, I ate A LOT of fruit. Between smoothies and snacks and lunches, I pretty much wasn’t eating a vegetable until dinner time.

Despite all this energy-filled food, around day 3 and 4 I started feeling tired and a bit nauseous. This is very unlike me, however,  I figured it was part of the detoxing process.

After I made it through those days, nausea stopped and the tiredness fades a bit. I can’t be sure this has anything to do with eating fully raw, though. I have been exercising a little less than usual, due to time constraints and I am due for my period this week. I am putting into account that these two factors could have been the cause of my issues, not the raw diet.

My skin also broke out a lot during these 10 days, which I’m a little upset about. I did some research on skin and diet and found that my issue might be with keeping my body alkaline. Because of the amount of fruit I ate, mostly moderately acidic food like mango, bananas, and dates, I think my body was really off the alkaline scale.

Because I enjoy more of my vegetables when they are cooked, like broccoli, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, etc, I wasn’t getting any of those in my diet for this period of time. I was only consuming zucchini, cucumber and raw spinach for vegetables.

My next endeavor is to try following a more alkaline way of eating, which will hopefully help my skin. If you haven’t already read my skin story, I was having a lot of success with my past acne by eliminating dairy and thus becoming a vegan. However, in the past few days, my skin seems to be falling back into its old patterns.

Again, this could be because of the factors I mentioned earlier, however, I am going to delve into some more information on alkaline and see where that brings me.

Another little challenge I had to overcome was thinking of what to pack for work. I just got a new job, with traditional 8-5 hours. I now have to plan, pre-pack and prepare what I am going to eat during my work day. For lunch for the past few days, I have been packing this DELICIOUS fruit and granola bowl, that has left me feeling full and energized for the rest of the day.


The granola is simply dates, coconut, oats and 1/2 of a ripe banana. Blend it up in the food processor and pour over bananas, strawberries, and mango. In order to stay full, I chopped up a whole mango, two or three bananas, and about 10 strawberries.

Despite, this lovely lunch idea, I started craving cooked foods around day 5.  I was dreaming of beans, sweet potatoes, and hummus. What really saved me was finding this raw vegan Pad Thai recipe. I found it on tastemade.com and was immediately intrigued by the main ingredient: kelp noodles.

The only seaweed product I have ever had was sushi. After reading about how to prepare the noodles (just soak them in water!) and taking a trip Whole Foods, I was really excited to try a different textured noodle and also have something that would hopefully taste a lot like traditional pad thai.

Oh and it did.

Between the flavors of soy sauce, almond butter and a little spicy from chili flakes….I was sold.Such a treat after a few nights of cucumber and zucchini noodles.( I mean I love them, but maybe not so many days in a row?)


I have since made this twice during my 10-day challenge and would HIGHLY recommend trying out yourself!

So in conclusion, this was a good week. Despite my few “problems” or side effects, I felt healthy and clean inside. I am proud that I disciplined myself to stick to this challenge and that I fought my cravings. I want to continue eating raw, however at this point, I am going to be eating cooked food on occasion, or for dinner/lunches. The cooked food I have been eating isn’t full of oil or processed chemicals or an overabundance of salt. As long as I keep eating fresh, wholesome ingredients know I will continue to feel strong and healthy!

Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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