5 Ways to Enhance Your Life This Month: April

April 3, 2017

I am back after a 3-week hiatus with more healthy, life enhancing tips and products for the month of April!

Let’s get started.

1. What the Health film

Where to even begin? This documentary changed my life. I am now even more passionate and committed to this vegan lifestyle and I can say without a doubt that switching my diet was the best decision I have ever made.

What the Health is not a vegan documentary, aiming to adhere to an agenda. Instead, it follows filmmaker, Kip Anderson who has a passion for learning about health. Obsessed with discovering the optimal way of eating, Anderson’s research leads him to delve deeper into healthcare education and the healthcare industry as he unlocks the secret to preventing diseases.

What he discovers will shock and appall you. I don’t want to give away too much because the way the documentary is filmed and how these discoveries unfold are more informative than I could summarize in this brief blog post.

But I firmly believe everyone should spend the time and the money (it costs $10 to watch it on the website) because it is an investment in your health and the health of those you love. I couldn’t contain myself after watching, quickly calling up my mother and begging her to watch it with my step-dad. (She did because she is amazing).

This film made me realize that we need veganism for PEOPLE. Not just animals. Of course, their lives are important and I am by no means undermining them. But gone are the days of the stereotypical loud vegans, shouting for animal rights. Now we need to be shouting about the care and health of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. We all know someone close to us battling a disease, who has died from cancer or who is living an unhealthy life. We are not supposed to live like this. The government is fully aware of its people’s oppression yet money stops them from doing anything about it. Essentially, money is killing us all.

Check out the film here! You will so happy you did.


2. Frankincense Essential Oils

On a happier note, I have discovered a wonderful remedy for skin redness and inflammation: Frankincense. I have been seeing a holistic doctor for the last month to get my skin back on track. After expressing my new found love of essential oils, she suggested that I apply a few drops of frankincense to the coconut oil I use to moisturize my face before I go to bed.

The aroma of frankincense evokes an instant calm and relaxed sensation, so it’s the perfect way to wind down before going to sleep. I noticed a different in my skin after one use as I woke up with less redness and my skin felt smooth and hydrated.

I have been moisturizing my skin this way for about two weeks now and I haven’t had any new breakouts and have noticed fewer clogged pores or blackheads along my problem areas.

My skin routine as been changing a lot over the last few month, however,  I will definitely be keeping this regiment as I continue to be blown away with the power of essential oils. You need them in your life this month. Trust me.

You need them in your life this month. Trust me.

I use ArtNaturals essential oils which you can purchase here!


3. Rice Water

Another addition to my skin routine has been experimenting with rice water. I learned of the amazing benefits of the starches found in the boiled water after cooking rice while writing a blog post for my job at Lica Cole body care. We use rice water in our matcha infused products so we wanted to inform our customers as to why we do this.

Prior to this, I knew nothing of this ancient Japanese beauty secret. Rice water contains vitamins, like vitamin C and A, as well as minerals and amino acids essential for minimizing free radical damage from the sun and the environment. Therefore it can cleanse the skin, tone and lightening hyperpigmentation, sun and age spots. Rice water firms and tightens the skin, reduces pore size and smoothes texture and bumps, since it promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow and helps to keep your skin bright.

Fascinated by this, I made some and started applying it to my skin after washing it each night. Much like my experience with frankincense, I noticed a difference the next day. I woke with softer skin and hardly any redness or inflammation.

I have used it for two consecutive weeks and my skin remains more subtle and smooth than ever before. The more I learn about and use natural ingredients for skincare, void of chemicals and alcohols, the more responsive my skin has been. And the cleaner and healthier I feel.

Check out my full post on rice water for more details here!


4. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim

My next tip for enhancing your life this month is to read The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim. With insight and mindful quotes on how to be calm and remain mindful in a busy world, Sunim’s book is truly a life changer.

Sunim is a Zen Buddhist and professor. His book is broken down into chapters with a teaching by Sunim, followed by a number of short quotes and inspirations relevant to the theme of the teaching.

He speaks of finding passion, seeking mindfulness, maintaining good relationships as well as other insights on life.

Each chapter is also accompanied by absolutely beautiful artwork which seems to calm you and leave you at peace, like Sunim’s words.

This book can be a quick read or, as Sunim suggests, a form of meditation to read slowly and think about.

I highly recommend this as a staple in your book collection.


5. DragonTree’s Dreambook + Planner

I purchased this beautiful planner from DragonTree a few months ago but finally started utilizing it properly this past month.

The idea is that this is more than just a planner. There are prompts and spaces to write out your plans, goals, and aspirations followed by the steps on how to achieve them. Each month, week and day, you can fill in your short term or long term goals as well as other ways you want to be productive in your health of body and mind.


For me, it has been extremely satisfying to have a map of my goals laid out before me as I take the steps each day to accomplish them.

Organization is more than just a to-do list. For someone like me who aims high and wants to accomplish the many goals I set for myself, this planner has been a wonderful tool.

You can purchase this dreambook here!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you plan to utilize any of these suggestions this month!

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