A Week of Vegan Meals

March 2, 2017

As you can guess from the title, I am going to tell you about some of the meals I had this week. I am an advocate for simple eating and am always excited to show others how easy making vegan food can be. The meals I eat aren’t very fancy, but I can assure you they are delicious.



I hadn’t made a smoothie bowl in awhile so I thought I would give it a try. The base includes:

  • Almond milk
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Strawberry (vegan) protein powder
  • A spoonful of cocoa powder
  • A dollop of almond butter
  • A giant handful of fresh spinach

I didn’t have the ingredients to make the granola I usually make so I improvised. I mixed some dried oats with cinnamon and a little agave in a bowl before laying the mixture out on a cookie sheet. I toasted the oats for about 15-20, or until they were filling my apartment with the delicious sweetness of cinnamon. After they cooled, I added them to the food processor with some Medjool dates. After blended, simply add to the smoothie bowl with some almond butter.


Who doesn’t love a sandwich? If you are new to veganism, you might think that sandwiches are pointless if they are void of meat, cheese, and mayo, all the things that you use to make sandwiches delicious.

BUT! I will prove you wrong. Here is what you will need to make a BOMB VEGAN SANDWICH:


  • Bread (duh)
  • vegan mayo
  • sweet, sliced pickles
  • spinach or lettuce
  • marinated artichoke hearts
  • tomatoes
  • hummus (flavor of your choice)

Now, simply build your sandwich. For me, the combo of the sweet pickles, the mayo (vegan mayo is delicious by the way) and the artichokes are enough to keep me happy. Also, remember that avocado is your sandwich friend. Don’t forget about that.



Time for some beans. I am lazy af sometimes and beans are my go-to meal.  All you need to do it pour the can into a pan and warm them up.


I topped these black beans with some slices tomato, avocado, vegan mayo and siracha!


My boyfriend made this meal, so I can’t take the credit for it. But it was amazing, let me tell you.

Vegan Teriyaki Mango Rice

After making some white rice, he added teriyaki sauce to the pan. We had fresh, ripe mango on hand so he sauteed some slices with a mixture of vegetables. (Sometimes we buy a bag of a frozen organic medley). This salty and sweet meal was delicious and probably took about 20 mins.


Who says you can’t have pasta and meatballs?!



These wheat-based meatless meatballs are the best I have ever had in terms of meat substitutes. The texture is that similar to the real thing. I sauteed some spinach and grape tomatoes so I felt like I was eating actual vegetables. (Meatball brand: 365 Organic)

I hope you enjoyed all these EASY and fun meal ideas. Let me know which one you are excited to try in the comments 🙂


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    Great article. Will look at the stores for 360 Organic foods. Namaste.

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    Excellent!! There are so many delicious choices here! 😀 Something for everyone 🙂

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