Beauty Update: My Vegan Hair, Skin and Makeup Routine

November 25, 2016

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my basic skincare routine. This routine was working well for me then, however, my skin is quite sensitive and I started breaking out again.

My skin has been my biggest insecurity. I honestly can’t remember a time I wasn’t researching or testing out new products or changing something in my diet to prevent breakouts. I wrote a lengthy post about my skin story and how veganism completely changed this problem for me in an older post, which I will link here.

Even though I still get breakouts, I still maintain that cutting out dairy and becoming vegan severely aided in my skin healing. The breakouts I get now are hormonal, which has lead me to believe I have an in balance in this area. I am still in the process of researching and finding out what will work for me, but the products I am going to talk about today have been working pretty well for me.

Since going vegan, I am more aware of what is in the products I use. All the skin care I am about to talk about are vegan, cruelty and chemical free. These items are not hard to find, either. Target has a selection of cruelty-free/vegan products and so does any health or whole food grocery store. I don’t have a lot of extra money to be spending on expensive products so these are all cost effective as well.



I found this Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash at Target for about $9.00. I love the way it smells, kind of like coconuts, and how it foams when washing my face. My skin is left soft, moisturized and clean after using.

I use this at night after taking my makeup off with coconut oil.



I don’t think I can say enough how much I love this Thayers With Hazel with Rose Petal. I found this at Sprout’s for $10. A few days after using, all the little bumps on the sides of my cheeks and jaw line were completely healed. After washing my face, I apply this with a cotton ball to my entire face and neck. The great thing about this product is it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or moister deprived. Sometimes I feel that I don’t even need to apply coconut oil on my face after using. It kind of acts as both a toner and a moisturizer for me. Rose Petal has a ton of beauty benefits. The natural oils in rose petals trap moisture into skin cells, hydrating and moisturizing them which is why this has been working so well for me.


I exfoliate my face about 2-3 times a week. When I do, I use Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub. This scrub has organic sea kelp and lemon peel mixed in with a green clay. This is the first exfoliate that I have been completely satisfied with. The beads are not too rough or too soft for my skin so I don’t feel I am damaging it or that I’m not exfoliating it enough. This product also doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. I highly recommend. I purchased this at Target for about $8-$9.


During my research for healing acne and breakouts holistically, I came across a Youtube video that really blew my mind. Organic Olivia created a video where she discussed how she cured her cystic and hormonal acne. There is so much information that I don’t want to rely here, but I will link the video below.

Although there is little information directly linking L-Lysine to acne healing, the supplement does promote collagen and tissue renewal. Olivia discusses this more at length in the video as well as how digestion and gut health has a lot to do with your skin’s condition. I started taking L-Lysine and a pro-biotic after watching the video. It has only been a few weeks, so I can’t be sure if the supplements or the skin care has made me skin softer, but I definitely see a difference.  As I do more research on how to heal hormonal inbalances with holistic remedies, I’m sure there will be a few more supplements I could be taking. But for now, I feel really good about L-Lysine.

Hair Care


I ditched the Seaweed Co shampoo I was using in this last post because after a few weeks my hair became very dry and brittle. I switched to Nature’s Gate with Jojoba and Sacred Lotus and my hair became to regain its moisture. I bought the duo at Whole Foods for $6 each, which is actually really cheap for hair care. It smells like baby shampoo, which I kind of like. But it’s not too strong or overpowering, it just leaves your hair smelling clean. Again, this product is vegan, of course, and also GMO, Paraben and Soy free.



There was a few month during the summer where I did a complete makeup detox (you can read about this here). Since my breakouts have been coming back a little bit and I have been getting less sun off my face from working so much, I have decided to re-incorporate some products into my life. Some are old products from before I became aware of vegan beauty and cruelty-free items. But moving forward, I will only be buying these type of products. I haven’t reintroduced mascara or any kind of eye makeup into my daily makeup routine. This is mainly due to laziness and not feeling the need. In the past, I used 100% Pure’s mascara which was made of berries, and I loved it. Once I am able to afford more beauty products, I will be buying more from that line.

Physician’s Formula is on PETA’s list of cruelty-free makeup products, as is Wet n Wild. I will be phasing out my Maybelline blush soon, as they are not vegan and do test on animals.

Until then, this is my daily routine.


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