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How to Make the Switch to a Holistic Beauty Routine

So you are interested in living a more holistic lifestyle, void of chemicals, toxins, and unnatural products…now what?  Making the switch in your beauty routine can seem daunting, even borderline impossible. I remember looking at all my beloved products and realizing that EVERYTHING I…

April 20, 2017

Beauty Update: My Vegan Hair, Skin and Makeup Routine

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my basic skincare routine. This routine was working well for me then, however, my skin is quite sensitive and I started breaking out again. My skin has been my biggest insecurity. I honestly can’t remember…

November 25, 2016

My Makeup Detox + Skin Story

As a woman today, the need to be flawless is of high importance. Society’s standard of beauty is far from attainable and it leaves so many beautiful girls and women feeling unattractive, undesirable, or just not good enough. Our bodies are picked apart by…

August 23, 2016