Going Raw!

September 20, 2016

I knew that when I started this site, it was going to involve a lot of experimentation. Going vegan is one thing. Finding out how exactly to do that, based on your own body is a whole other discovery.

But I love challenging myself and see the results of my progress. Which brings me to my next endeavor!

I have been wanting to try eating a fully raw vegan diet for a while now. Some days, my meals just happen to fall into place that way, but I haven’t deliberately tried to do this. Once again, my boyfriend, Marty, is fully on board as he has been doing a ton of research on fruitarians and other raw vegans who are spreading their message. He suggested we do this 10 day challenge as a way to set ourselves up to potentially live out a fully raw lifestyle. 10 days seems like a reasonable amount of time and I wanted to have a time frame so we could track our progress.


I’m so excited to get started. I LOVE fruit and it gives me so much energy. I never feel lethargic or down after eating it. I feel revived. I know that these 10 days are going to do wonders for me and I can’t wait to fill you in on the final verdict! I’ve written up a quick little list as to what I hope will happen to me during this challenge!

1. Good Digestion

Since my juice cleanse, my stomach hasn’t fully returned to it is regular self. I’m hopping that the lack of cooking oils and just cooked food in general will help me in that area.

2. Clear Skin

I don’t know if it is hormones or that I have been eating a lot of peanut butter and oils lately, but the pores on my face have been really clogged. My skin doesn’t look as fresh and radiate as it has in the past. A lot of the people who are raw vegans that I watch on Youtube have glowing, healthy skin. I am hoping that is an attribute to their lifestyle and I really want to achieve that! Since going vegan, I know that my skin has the potential to be clear. I want the excitement I had when looking in the mirror, after eliminating dairy from my diet, and seeing blemish free skin. I really believe that all the fruit I will consume this week will bring that back!


3. Energy

I always start my day off with lots of water and a breakfast of fruit. This gets me ready for my workout or whatever I am doing that day. I can’t wait to see how much added energy I will have eating all raw fruits and veggies!

4. Happiness

I can’t deny that since going vegan, I am 100 times happier. My outlook on life, love, the universe…everything is different. I feel more awake, alert and open. Without the weight of cooked food, I believe this happiness will progress even further. Knowing that I am feeding my body life, instead of something dead or depleted of nutrients makes me feel better already.


I will update you on my progress! I intend to do another what I eat in a day post as well! (If you haven’t read my other ones, you can click this link!)

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    Yummy! This made me very hungry!

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    This is great for the elderly that has poopy problem. Thanks!

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