Honoring the Super Moon

November 12, 2016

I am a firm believer in the connectivity of nature within myself. Mother earth affects us, jut as much as we affect our planet.

With that being said, Sunday’s super moon, the first super moon since 1948, is a time for a surge of positive energy and new beginnings. The term supermoon refers to when a new or full moon occurs at roughly the same time the moon is nearest to Earth in its monthly orbit.

According to healthaim.com, “Some people follow the super moon calendar as it could represent a time of change, adjustment, flux, or increase in consciousness.”


Therefore, I want to spread a little encouragement today. Treat this magnificent moon, this spectacle of nature with observance and honor by taking care of yourself. By riding yourself of the toxic in your life and by setting goals to become the best version of yourself.

I have always been impressed by the night sky, so often distracted by its vastness, that I have been known to stop what I am doing just to stare. Maybe because it seems so far away from me, so untouchable. I like how I feel when I look up. Is it because the sky is a part of the earth I can never come close to, therefore it’s cloaked in an air of mystery? I’m not really sure. But I feel that it is important to take a look every so often and remember that you aren’t alone, that there is greatness beyond you.


While taking in this weekend’s super moon, I encourage you to visit the emotions you have been feeling this month and take a moment to feel them. Ask yourself some questions.  Why have I been feeling this way? Can I detect the root of these emotions? Write down your answers. Too often our inclination is to deflect our emotions and move on. However, they will just keep coming back to haunt us if we don’t face them head on. And when I say face them, I mean with care and compassion. This is a time to promote healing, not any more negativity or self-hate.
Nature’s wonders show us that anything is possible.

Start by decluttering your life. Maybe that means organizing your room or maybe it means letting go of toxic people or habits or thoughts. Forgive yourself. And let go of anything that isn’t serving you.
Remember that your life is an ever evolving adventure of self-discovery. You are learning about yourself every day, no matter how old you are. Taking times like this, in wake of a new moon, to start over, set goals or remember to love yourself, is all part of your journey. And it is also a way to keep yourself connected to mother earth.


Happy observing 🙂


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    We had a chance to get outside and take some photos of the November 2016 Supermoon with our 11″ Celestron telescope. http://www.o3p.com/threads/photos-of-the-november-13-2016-supermoon.779/

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