How to Make the Switch to a Holistic Beauty Routine

April 20, 2017

So you are interested in living a more holistic lifestyle, void of chemicals, toxins, and unnatural products…now what? 

Making the switch in your beauty routine can seem daunting, even borderline impossible. I remember looking at all my beloved products and realizing that EVERYTHING I used was unnatural and actually harmful to my health. 

However, despite this, making the switch to a holistic beauty routine has been easy, affordable and quite fun. I have enjoyed the journey and thus I am here to help you with yours today. 

Here are my tips for making the switch to a natural beauty routine: 

Do Your Research 

Your skin is your largest organ. If you are putting dangerous ingredients on your skin, such as phthalates and parabens, common ingredients of most body care, then you can bet they are filtering into your body. Whatever goes on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream and is then carried throughout the rest of your body.

The FDA does not need to approve or regulate what goes into body care products which means any kind of poison can be included into your skincare or makeup without a consequence. These poisons can cause reproductive issues and have even been linked to cancer. 

Therefore, do your research. I was horrified the first time I researched what was in my Pantene shampoo and the number of chemicals I had been absorbing into my body for years and years. 

Luckily, our bodies are strong and can be resistant. When given the right nutrients, our skin actually has the ability to care for and mend itself.

So start now! Do the work and reap the rewards. 

Read Labels 

Right now, words like “organic” “natural” and “cruelty-free” are growing in popularity. As great as this is, some companies can use this as a marketing advantage. 

Don’t take everything for granted. Read the labels on everything you buy. If you don’t know a word, look it up. If you can’t understand half of what you are reading, then chances are, it’s not authentically natural. 

You shouldn’t have to guess what is going into your own body. 

Start With Skin Care 

Start this transition slowly. Start with skin care. 

Your skin health so important. We all want glowing, radiant skin, but you also want to achieve this the right way. Void of chemicals. 

I suggest looking for cleansers, toners or moisturizers that are organic, preferably vegan and cruelty-free. This will narrow your focus down despite all the options out there. 

See what your favorite beauty bloggers are using. Read reviews. Buy sample sizes. 

Take the absolute best care of your skin first. Then, who knows, you might not even need makeup. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Oils 

Even since I can remember, the golden rule of beauty has been to avoid oils on your face. They will clog your pores and cause you to break out. 

That is not true!

Many acne-fighting products strip your skin of its natural oils, causing your acne to dry up. You then apply toners and moisturizers to make up for the oil you have lost. But have you ever noticed that products that do this, like ProActive, stop working after a few months? 

That is because you need these oils. This is why your body produced them in the first place. 

Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and essential oils should be your holistic beauty best friends. After I wash my face at night, I always moisturize it. Lately, I have been mixing frankincense essential oils with my coconut oil which has significantly reduced the redness in my skin. This is just one example. There are essential oils that can help with ANY skin issue. 

Research what essential oils will work best for your skin type. Experiment with coconut and jojoba and see how your skin reacts. But don’t be afraid! 

** Do not apply essential oils to the skin without a carrier. Mix a few drops with coconut oil or witch hazel to avoid damage to the skin as essential oils are extremely concentrated.  

Spend the Money (but not as much as you think) 

Your health is important above anything else.

Spending a little extra money on it is worth it. Some products may be higher in price but that is because their ingredients are pure and high quality, which is a good thing. 

However, there are plenty of excellent brands out there that keep affordability in mind. Some example of brands I have tried and liked are: 

Some products might be a little more than, say, Neutrogena, but you are paying to fill your body with healthy ingredients instead of harmful ones. That is priceless. 

Have Patience 

Holistic products, skincare especially, might not “work” as fast as a product like Proactiv. That is good! Chemicals sped up the healing process by masking the problem, instead of healing the issue. 

Have patience. Natural remedies take a little more time, depending on what you are using. When I started mixing essential oils with coconut oil, I saw effects the next day. Other remedies have taken longer to notice. 

But they will work! Just give it time and experimentation. 

Feel free to message me on social media or via the comment section if you have any questions or concerns I can help you with. I would love to make this transition easier for you 🙂 

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