One Month Off Social Media: Here Is What Happened

February 2, 2017

The moment you have all been waiting for! THE VERDICT

If you are new to my site, you can read why I decided to take this social media break here.

So something happened this past month, that I did not intend…

I didn’t miss social media at all.

For years, I have gone back and forth, deciding if I should delete Facebook and Instagram. I don’t use it very often, unless in dire moments of boredom (or promoting this blog). What kept holding me back from deactivating them was this idea that I would be missing out on something. I would be the odd one out. For me, that was a good enough reason to keep it.

But after this little social media detox, I realized I could have deleted Facebook years ago and it would have in no way interfered with my life.

Now, this post is not intended to bash social media platforms. I find them fun, informative and interesting in a lot of ways. What I find distasteful is the amount of time I spent on each platform. I used Instagram as a distraction, Youtube as a time waster and Facebook as a form of procrastination.

Now, what did I do with all this extra time in January?

I read 4 books.

I startedΒ writing again.

IΒ created a notebook full of ideas for future posts and projects.

But I noticed something particularly important. After about three weeks in, I realized how clear headed I felt. I had been reading more, yes. And finding other ways to spend my time. But I was doing so fully present. Fully engaged. I wasn’t conscious of how I was going to present each moment with the rest of the world through social media.

This month, I had a sudden burst of creativity. I was inspired, full of positivity that I could create the things I wanted to. I felt confident in myself andΒ in my abilities.


At first, when I felt the urge to pick up my phone and realized there wasn’t anything there to look at, I felt a strange level of stress. It probably equates to the feeling a smoker would have once quitting cigarettes. I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

I, instead, picked up the book I was reading, even if I only had time to read a page or two.

Or I stood still.

This concept has become a complicated one in our society. Stillness. We don’t have to practice living this way because there are constant distractions. Even waiting in line at a store or sitting in traffic, we have the ability to create consistent noise or stimulation through our smartphones.

It felt good to have a break from constantly thinking about what to post. As pathetic as that sounds, you know we all do it. When you see something beautiful, interesting, funny, sad…you think about taking a picture and posting it. You think about your caption and what you will use for a hashtag.

Even though this is meant to be fun, and often times is, many parts of your day are marred by your future post. Your stillness, your ability to live in the moment is interrupted.


I strongly encourage you to take on this challenge. Even if just for a week, a day. I felt better about myself because I was putting the time into reading and writing, two extremely important things in my life.

I felt more quite inside and at peace. A huge part of me wants to keep everything deactivated. However, I love this blog and I want to continue promoting it. (I also have another project I’m working on which I will be sharing with you soon!)

In some cases, social media is necessary, but it doesn’t have to take over your life.

I hope my creativity continues to grow and I strive now to not let social media platforms take over my thoughts and my actions as I move forward.

Would you ever take a break from social media? Let me know in the comments below πŸ™‚


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