What I Would Eat If I Were a Vegan Hobbit

February 6, 2017

This is probably the nerdiest post I have created. When the idea came to me, I entertained it for a moment but then laughed off its potential silliness. However, I recently rewatched ALL three movies (extended of course) with my boyfriend last week and was re-immersed into the beauty of my all time favorite film. Even though I have watched these movies more than I could ever count, for some reason, this time felt like the first. And now I’m all obsessed and wanting to talk about it all over again. Despite the fact that the film just celebrated its 15-year anniversary, which made me feel strange and old, I wish Lord of the Rings was relevant again.

So here is my funny attempt at bringing hobbits into 2017.

As you may know, hobbits eat 7 times a day. For some that may seem like a lot of food. For me, I think that’s a pretty great life.


Here is what I would eat in a day if I was a vegan hobbit:

Breakfast: Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

I love to start my day off with a smoothie and I think the hobbits would too if they had access to electricity and a blender.


For this smoothie, simply blend:

Frozen Strawberries

One Frozen Banana

A Scoop of Vegan Vanilla Protein powder

Almond Milk

A splash of vanilla extract


Second Breakfast: Oatmeal

I suspect that hobbits loved porridge so here is my take on a hot second breakfast.

I love mixing cinnamon, a little agave, and apples into my oatmeal before topping it off with a little almond milk. Unfortunately for this picture, I was out fo almond milk so I opted for some slices dates instead. (Definitely prefer with any non-dairy milk, however).


Elvensies: Tomatoes and Avocado

Time for a snack! My go to is one avocado and a tomato sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. Given a hobbits love for gardening, I think they would approve of this.



Lunch: Salad (Nothing Fancy)


I am pretending that all these veggie came out of Sam’s garden.

Afternoon Tea: Apples and Peanut Butter with Tea


As much as I would love to be grazing on tea sandwiches and cakes, this afternoon snack is better suited to my lifestyle. And I’m pretty sure hobbits had apple trees in their backyards…right?

Dinner: Seasoned Potatoes with Siracha Mayo Dipping Sauce

I am simply obsessed with potatoes. They have such diversity (you can boil them, mashed them, stick them in a stew perhaps) they are a great way to start out my evening of eating.

First, slice the potatoes into “chips.” Then place them in a container or Tupperware with a lid. Drizzle olive oil and seasoning. I like to use this seasoning mix, which includes spices like onion powder, garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, pepper, and parsley.



I also sprinkle paprika for some kick. Once this is down, cover with the lid and shake so all the potatoes are nicely coated.

Baked on a cookie sheet for about 15 minutes, on each side at 400 degrees.


For the dipping sauce, I simply mixed vegan mayo, siracha, and mustard. So GOOD.



Supper: Mushroom and Veggie Rice

I wanted to incorporate some earthy flavors for my hobbit recipes and mushrooms seemed like a good fit. Also, hobbit LOVE mushrooms.


This is barely even a recipe as it is so simple. But is my go to dinner.

Start by sauteeing zucchini, chopped garlic and mushrooms in a pan that is lightly lined with olive oil. I saute the zucchini first, as they take longer to soften than the other ingredients.

While these veggies are cooking, put on a pot of rice.

I added spinach right before serving to get a good dose of protein. Add some salt and pepper or if you want to trail from these hobbit recipes a bit, sprinkle some soy sauce on top as well. I had originally made this meal with sweet potatoes, which you could substitute if you don’t like what I had for dinner above.



Be sure to finish your day off with some weed or a mug of ale in true hobbit fashion.


I hope this post both encouraged you and reminded you how awesome life would be as a hobbit.


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  • Reply bakingal76 February 8, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    Your list is great. But here is what I would eat as a Hobbit…or a Dwarf.
    Breakfast: Country Fried Steak w Eggs, French Toast with lots of Bacon and Syrup.
    Second Breakfast: Red Vines Licorice or Trolli Sour Worms.
    Elevenses: Chili Cheese Fries with Pastrami with a Dr. Pepper.
    Lunch: In-N-Out Double Double with Fries.
    Afternoon Tea: Red Bull
    Dinner: Steak with Pomme Frites and Asparagus while chasing it down with a Sangiovese wine.
    After eating these delicacies, take some time to bust-a-deuce. Love, Peace, and Soul!

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